Unified Talent by PowerSchool

Unified Talent often referred to as just PowerSchool is the district’s internal program where all PD courses are managed.  It is also where all the courses listed on this page originate from.   In fact, you will notice when you click register on any of the courses listed on the learn.aldineisd.org website, you will be directed to PowerSchool to complete your registration.  In some cases, while in PowerSchool you may come across courses that have not yet been uploaded to this website.  It is absolutely okay to register there.  Again, everything on this website pulls directly from PowerSchool.  

After the completion of each course, you will receive a survey that must be completed for your certificate to be awarded.  The survey may take a few days to be sent out so keep an eye out for it in your email.  You can also click on the Transcripts tab to see if there are any surveys that need to be completed.


Completing Surveys

Searching for Courses

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