Professional Learning Marketplace is the district’s professional learning marketplace for employees to access information about district-wide professional learning opportunities. The website contains information on:

  • Summer Professional Learning
  • Instructional Specialist Pipeline Development
  • AP Leadership Pipeline Development
  • Compliance Courses
  • Leadership Development
  • District-wide conferences and events
  • District Initiatives
  • New Teacher Mentor Program for Beginning Teachers and Veteran Teachers New to Aldine ISD
  • Monthly New Professional Employee Orientation
  • Overall Professional Learning for the employees of Aldine ISD


The Aldine Instructional Framework model illustrates that all instruction is student-centered and reflects the importance of the teacher as a key decision-maker in student learning.

The teacher is supported by an instructional leader who provides guidance and monitors the instructional program.

All campuses receive district support through district-wide curriculum guides, ongoing professional development, high-quality instructional materials, and curriculum resources.